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Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada


tel:  902 883-2311  fax:  902 883-4317

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Summer 2014 - photos of donations in honour of 'Mac' Noble...

Fall 2014 - photos of this year's Christmas Collections...

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A year-round effort...

Caring & Sharing Angel Tree Food Bank is a full time effort and there's usually something happening every month.  Learn more...

Providing the basics to those in basic need...

Assisting families and individuals on restricted budgets to meet their daily nutritional needs.  Learn more...

Give a little Christmas joy...

Ensure the little ones have a good holiday, or adopt a senior in need at a challenging time of year.  Learn more...

Caring & Sharing & Regal Giftware Fundraising Campaign -

'Dear Supporters,

This year we are again excited to include Regal Gifts as one of our Fundraising Campaigns.

Your donation helps close to 150 families at Christmas time and dozens of families year-round, because need knows no season.

Regal offers more than 1000 products, with hundreds being priced under $20. We are sure everyone can find something either for themselves or as a gift for family and friends.' - Bernice Donaldson

Click here for more details in MS Word on this timely campaign...

March 2014 - It is with deep regret that we inform the community that Margaret Johnson (Mrs. J), has retired from her duties with the Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank effective immediately. Mrs. J. has volunteered for over 30 years with this organization and she is highly regarded in the local area. We thank her for her dedicated service to our community and she will be missed.

Until further notice the food bank will be open TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS ONLY FROM 1:00 TO 3:00 pm, except holidays and snow days. We are looking for volunteers to operate the food distribution to our clients on Tuesdays and Thursday. If you are interested in helping please contact us.  The food bank also requires immediately a Fund Raising Chairperson, Volunteer Coordinator and Food Drive Coordinator. 

All enquiries should be directed to Bernice at the above address, 883-2311 or email to bernice@angeltreefoodbank.com

In Memoriam

In Memory of...

In Celebration of...

Many people choose to make a donation to the food bank in memory of a loved one or a friend. Donations are also received in celebration of special events like Business or Wedding Anniversaries or a milestone birthday. Children can opt to have food bank donations in lieu of gifts at their birthday parties.

We welcome these contributions, and starting this summer, your generosity will be acknowledged here for others to see and be inspired by.

What are YOU celebrating?

In Memory of:


October - Our thanks for donation

in memory of James Bouchie.


Our condolences to the families of the late...

~ Nora Cameron ~

~ Theresa Martell ~

~ Connie Murray ~

~ Jackie MacDonald ~


Congratulations to:

Leonard and Beverly Gallant who celebrated 50 years of marriage on June 20th with donations to the food bank in lieu of gifts.  Click to see photo of 350lbs of food...

And to long-time Elmsdale Volunteer Fire Department Chief Malcolm 'Mac' Noble on his surprise 'Lifetime Achievement' award from the Canadian Volunteer Fire Service Association.  This national award goes along with TEN pallet loads of Proctor & Gamble products.

Food Bank Fundraising Goes Green with 'Give Us Your Garbage' Programs!

image copyright Terracycle
Food, Health & Beauty Waste Ink & Toner Cartridges Beverage Containers
Collection Point - Your home or office

Go to the Terracyle web site, select Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree as your charity of choice, and print a shipping label for your selected waste and drop it in the mail.  They pay the postage!  Every little contribution adds up for charities and diverts material from landfill.  Terracycle up-cycles & recycles this waste into new and useful products. 

  • Yes they accept Tassimo® coffee discs with foil on!
  • Sorry they no longer accept Health & Beauty product containers.
  • Please note that styrofoam meat trays and similar packaging is waste and not recyclable.

Upon arrangement, small shipments can be handed over to Bernice Donaldson to include in her packages by email or calling her at 883-2311..

Collection Point - Snideys TV & Internet, in the Carquest Plaza, 601 Hwy #2, across from Elmsdale Lumber.

Today's homes & offices usually have piles of empty ink building up.  Just by dropping off the empties Food Bank can receive up to $1.00 per cartridge for their programs, and you're diverting waste from landfills.

Look for the clearly labeled collection box in Snidey's ink section and just pop your ink empties in - it's that easy! 

You can also arrange to give your empties directly to Bernice Donaldson by email or calling her at 883-2311.

(sorry we no longer get cash for toner cartridges...)

Collection Point - Enviro Depot, Elmsdale Recycling, 75 Park Rd., in the Elmsdale Business Park.

The refund from your empty beverage cans & bottles can easily be donated to Food Bank simply by telling the Depot staff 'Account 14 please!'

'Actually', notes Bernice Donaldson, 'the good folk at Elmsdale Recycling have been doing this for us for years, but not many people know about it.  We thought this would be a good chance to remind the community about this easy way to help  Food Bank AND our environment.'

All normally refundable containers are accepted, including: pop, juice, water, liquor & other beverage containers, with the exception of milk cartons.

'The Balancing Act' - Living Within Your Budget

Online resources & Food Bank tips for living better in tight times...


Heating Assistance Rebate Program - This program may be able to help with up to $200.00

towards your home heating costs. Call 1-800-670-4357 or visit www.homeheatinghelp.ca


The GOOD NEIGHBOUR ENERGY FUND - administered by the Salvation Army to help supply firewood, oil, coal, propane and electric heat to families in need. Visit the website for details...  


Fuel The Care Program - "For 10 years, Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program has offered a helping hand to over 35,000 families in Atlantic Canada and New England...providing fuel gift cards to parents who must frequently travel to provide their children with urgent medical care." - courtesy Irving Oil web site. 

Fuel the Care program provides Irving Oil gift cards to families to help parents with the cost of travel for their children’s medical treatments and appointments.  There are five Fuel the Care partner hospitals throughout Atlantic Canada and New England, in Nova Scotia contact the IWK Halifax  (902) 470-8076

Parents are asked to speak with the Social Work Department of each healthcare network to see if they qualify for assistance from the program.  Assistance depends on income, travel distance, frequency of appointments, etc.


Heating Tips - HeatSmart, handy tips for reducing your power consumption and thus your bill.


Tax Credits - Municipal tax credit program for modest income families living in East Hants.


Online Coupons - Canadian Coupons - a user friendly site collecting many sites for grocery, auto, home, restaurant offers and much more.  Use Search on this site and the associated ones to find printable or mail out coupon you can use.


Inspirational Thought for January 2015

'Nothing's happening?  Your dreams are just refueling.'

O U R   O N - G O I N G   P R O G R A M S

Food Bank

We are based out of the Enfield Legion.

Hours are 1:00pm to 3:00pm,

Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Persons requesting assistance throughout the year must contact her for an appointment and fill out the request form in full.

Every person, church, business, school and community group is considered a member. We are from all communities from Enfield to Lantz to Nine Mile River etc. and everything in between.

We are all volunteers from every community giving many hours to ensure those needing assistance receive it. We are involved and work with but not affiliated with any one Church. We are a community organization and non-denominational.

We are not affiliated with Feed Nova Scotia but are members of the East Hants & Districts Chamber of Commerce.  Our status:


  • are a Designated Charitable Organization recognized by Revenue Canada and issued a Tax Number. Receipts are issued for donations of $10.00 or more.
  • also accept In Memory gifts and issue acknowledgement cards to the families as well as gifts for birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • are registered with the United Way
  • assist businesses to set up their own payroll deduction accounting and receipts will be issued once a year to the individual contributors once we receive a listing and payment from the business.

How can you and your family help the Food Bank?

There are many ways that you and your family can help.  First know that the food bank operates year round and not just at Christmas time, therefore we need YOU all year.

  1. Have a computer at home?  You can save your inkjet cartridges for us as we can recycle them for cash.
  2. Have an old, obsolete cell phone?  We recycle those too!
  3. Are you 'thinking green' and recycling your beverage cans and bottles?  You can donate the recycling money by dropping them off at Elmsdale Recycling in the Business Park - Just say 'Account 14 please!'
  4. Garage or basement cluttered with old car batteries, copper or computer hardware?  These can also be recycled for us at Elmsdale Recycling.
  5. Collect your loose change and pennies to donate.
  6. Picking up groceries at Elmsdale Superstore or Sobeys?  You can always toss a non-perishable food item into our collection boxes at both locations, all year round.
  7. Celebrating your birthday with a party? Why not ask your guests to bring a food item instead of gifts?
  8. Purchase a gift for kids or adults at Christmas time for the Angel Tree.
  9. Any family member over 14 can volunteer, year-round.
  10. Your business can come up with their own fund or food raising initiatives. 

Donations by mail may be sent to:

Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank

c/o of Bernice Donaldson

145 Highway 2, Enfield, NS B2T 1C8


Food Bank Needs

Potato Carrots  Turnips
Onions Apples Oranges
Fresh Turkey Prem* Kraft Dinner Canned Turkey
Canned Ham Canned Chicken Stuffing*
Canned Salmon Canned Tuna Pickles*
Long Spaghetti Oatmeal* Canned Baked Beans
Canned Stew* Canned Spaghetti Can Soups
Mushrooms* Canned Cream Corn Peanut Butter*
Flour Sugar* Canned Fruits*
Jam* Cheese Whiz* Canned Green Beans
Canned Peas Rice* Canned Juice*
Canned Corn Margarine Mixed Vegetables
Juice Crystals* Canned Milk* Pancake Syrup*
Cereal* Pancake Mix* Cranberries
Stewed Tomatoes* Meat Sauce* Crackers*
Tea* Coffee* Puddings*
Cake Mixes* Jell-O* Bread
Shortening Hot Chocolate* Muffin Mixes
Hot Dog Buns Hamburger Buns  Baked Loaves*
Eggs Baked Cookies* Baking Needs
Ketchup Mustard Baby Formula
Hamburg Helper Baby Food Toothpaste*
Baby Diapers Powdered Milk* Toilet Tissue*
Toothbrush* Face Soap* Deodorant
Kleenex *indicates past shortages

We Are...

Chairperson - Aviva Donaldson - 883-1113


2nd Vice President - Linda Picard

Treasurer/Office Coordinator - Bernice Donaldson - 883-2311

Secretary - Reeta Sweeney


Fund Raising - Position to be filled


Grocery Manager - Grant Arsenault, assisted by Valerie Burke

Contact us at: 

tel:  902 883 -2311  fax:  902 883-4317

or 758-2484 and leave a message


Still looking for a few people to help on the organizational end, especially Fund Raising Chair.

Many thanks to the members of the Enfield Lions Club

for all the transportation supplied.

The Angel Tree

The Christmas Program can supply food boxes to approximately 200 families including single adults, per year. We supply gifts to approximately 250 children per year with extras including crayons, coloring books and games and gifts to approximately 100 adults. In addition, the Emergency Food Bank supplies approximately 300 families throughout the year with groceries.

The Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank began the Adopt-A-Family Program in 1993. Since its humble beginnings of having only two Adopt-A-Families we now have 40.

We only allow a family to become an Adopt-A-Family once if at all possible.

To adopt YOU:

  1. Choose a family size
  2. Choose if you want to purchase all the food and gifts or just do the food or just the gifts.
  3. Purchase your items
  4. Wrap the gifts
  5. Deliver your purchases at the designated time and place

We supply you with a list of food items that we place in the boxes but you may add whatever extras you like.

We include toothbrushes for each person, toothpaste and mittens for the children.

You may add household items such as toilet tissue, soap etc. if you wish.

You may also add other meats, milk, frozen vegetables, french fries or hash browns.

We supply you with a WISH LIST of gifts for the children and parents and you may put together Christmas stockings for the children if you like, along with any pets.

If your family agrees, we would release only their first names and if you agree we would release your name and address so they can send you a thank you note.

For more information, or to have your name added to our adopt a family program phone Bernice at 883-2311 to have your name added to the list for the Christmas season and to enable us to get your family information to you as soon as possible. Email for info at:

Bernice@angeltreefoodbank.com or


Angel Tree Gift Wrapping - Enfield Legion

We Serve...

  • Antrim
  • Belnan
  • Carroll's Corner (not including Milford to Carroll's Corner)
  • Dutch Settlement
  • Elmsdale
  • Enfield
  • Goffs
  • Guysborough Road
  • Hardwood Lands
  • Horne Settlement
  • Lantz (to Ross's Hill)
  • Nine Mile River (to bridge & Cheese Factory corner)
  • Oldham
  • Renfrew
  • Oakfield
  • Fall River
  • Waverley
  • Old Enfield Road
  • covering all areas within these boundaries
Your donation helps close to 150 families at Christmas time and dozens of families year-round, because need knows no season!


Company or Group Fundraising

Want to do a Christmas Box?

Your company or group can help out at Christmas or indeed any time of the year; we're always interested in new ideas!



Links We Like...

logo copyright Weekly PressThanks as well to our friends at the Enfield Weekly Press for all their support around the year!



Caring & Sharing 2014 Calendar at a glance - a Year Round Venture

(more info & photos to come)




Thanks to students and staff of Maple Ridge School in Lantz for their recent collection of non-perishable food items to help restock our shelves. 

Shown here are two students in the school lobby with the food packed and ready to go.





March 7th - Riverside Education Center held a HAT DAY on March 7th.  Students made a donation to wear a hat and the Spirit Team Collected $160 from the event.  The food purchased filled the donation box at the Superstore. Great job and a tip of the hat to them!


April 27 - Tri-County Scouts held “Operation Helping Hands” on Sunday April 27 at the Elmsdale Sobeys.  The guys shopped the aisles for a variety of food, which was distributed between the four food banks in their areas; Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree received food valued at $500. 

Many thanks for a job well done!


June 14 - 10:00am to 3:00pm - Business Expo & Craft Show - Easthants Sportsplex (upstairs)  For bookings & info call 758-1821 or 751-0165. 


Admission was free but they collected a good load of non-perishable food items for C&S Food Bank. 

Expo Organizer Krista Piek poses with the donations in a 'grocery-themed' box specially decorated by her own young designer-daughters!

June 20 - Gallant Anniversary - 350 lbs of food plus over $580 in cash donations.



June 28, 10:00am to 2:00pm - Ladies Business Expo - Enfield Legion - Admission free with donation to Caring & Sharing Food Bank.


Procter & Gamble Donation:

Congratulations to long-time Elmsdale Volunteer Fire Department Chief Malcolm 'Mac' Noble on his surprise 'Lifetime Achievement' award from the Canadian Volunteer Fire Service Association.  These photos also appear on their Facebook page with an item on his recognition.

This national award goes along with TEN pallet loads of Proctor & Gamble products for Caring & Sharing. 

Mac's donation of this product to C&S will make a big difference to our families this summer and we wish to express our appreciation to everyone involved in the stock arriving at our Food Bank..


Here's Mac with some of the shipment...

July 14 - July 17 - St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church held a Bible School at the Enfield Fire Hall from Monday July 14 to Thursday July 17; 9am to 12 noon. Everyone welcome.  FREE.  Donations to the Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank requested. 

Wendy Copp is shown at left with nearly a full cart load of groceries collected.  Many thanks from the Food Bank!



Martine (at left) poses with C&S's Bernice Donaldson Donated by generous art fans...

July 19 - 2:00pm to 8:00pm - Enfield Fire Hall - first art show for local 'ex-pat' artist Martine Heffernan.  Donations of a non-perishable food item for C & S received one entry per item for a draw on a limited edition print.  See Martine's work on her web site and Facebook page.


August 2 - The Riverland Campground & RV Park held a merchandise bingo on August 2 with donations being requested for the Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank.  The campers donated 8 bags of groceries totaling approx. 150 lbs for food.  Thanks for choosing the Caring & Sharing!

August 16 - 10:00am to 4:00pm - annual BACK TO SCHOOL food drive at Elmsdale Sobeys.


August - Shown at right is Bernice Donaldson of the Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank accepting a donation of $1,000.00 from Wes Shields of Fix Auto-Enfield.  The Hometown Hero Cash donation was awarded to Fix Auto from Enterprise Car Rentals.  Enterprise holds a yearly draw for associated business partners and Fix Auto was drawn. Fix Auto could designate a charity to benefit from this donation and they chose Caring & Sharing. Many thanks to both Enterprise and Fix Auto and congratulations to Wes and Fix Auto-Enfield!

< August - Hannah Roody of Elmsdale celebrated her birthday by thinking of others.  Hannah requested food items for Caring & Sharing in lieu of gifts for herself. - Thank you Hannah!

> August - Tanya & Abigail Eldridge of Enfield were nominated for the Ice Bucket Brigade and chose not only to support ALS but also the local Caring & Sharing Food Bank by filling the ice bucket with food items.  Thanks for your support!


September 1 - Registration for Christmas Program begins


September - David Caswell, owner of Enfield Pharmacy, held a Back To School Supplies Collection for the CSAT Food Bank.  Displayed on the table are the school supplies collected at Enfield Pharmacy.  Many thanks for a job well done;

David and his staff get an ‘A+’ from Caring & Sharing!


September 3 - 7:30 pm Enfield Volunteer Fire Department Hall - Fire Chief Mac Noble will be presented with a 'Share the Bounty' Memory Book, commemorating his generous donations of Procter & Gamble products to Caring & Sharing and other groups in the community...


September 6 - 10:00am to 4:00pm - annual THANKSGIVING food drive at Elmsdale Superstore.


September 13 12:00 to 3:00 - 6th Annual Lantz Fall Fun Fair, a family-focused block party in Lantz.  Caring and Sharing will be on hand with info and raffle tickets.  (Rain date Saturday September 20.)


September 16 - 7:30pm - Annual General Meeting, to be held in the Lounge at the Enfield Legion.  All welcome!


September 27 - 10:00 to 4:00 - Raffle Ticket Sales at Elmsdale Sobeys - prize is a beautiful Quilt.


October 1 - 7:30 - Elmsdale Fire Hall

Bernice Donaldson of the Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank presented a “Sharing the Bounty”Memory Book to Mac Noble that she made as a thank you to 'Mac' for the generous donation that Caring & Sharing received and shared with 30 other groups, organizations and food banks from Proctor & Gamble in his name upon Mac receiving the Lifetime achievement award from the CVFSA.

October 4 - 9:00 - 5:00 - Raffle Ticket Sales at Enfield Home Hardware

October 9 - Raffle Ticket Sales - Shooters in Enfield

Thanksgiving - AMAZING!!!

Jake Boudreau, a nine year old from Elmsdale, has a big heart.  Jake began a program called Jake’s Project which helped a couple of families have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.  Jake personally delivered a Thanksgiving Dinner which included a turkey, potatoes, carrots, turnip, gravy mix, stuffing, cranberries, rolls, apple pie and a great big serving of love. Jake proves that age is no barrier when you have a dream and Jake’s dream is to help those in need. Many thanks Jake from the Caring & Sharing on a job well done.


October 23 - Raffle Ticket Sales - Shooters in Enfield

October 25 - 10:00 - 5:00 - Raffle Ticket Sales at Withrow’s Belnan Market

This year's raffle prize is a beautiful quilt donated by It's Sew Time in Elmsdale; just 600 tickets will be sold (at $5.00 ea) so watch your chance to get yours!

Halloween 2014 - Andrea of East Coast Credit Union proudly displays the food & cash donations collected by the Credit Union for Halloween!


November - Sobeys once again sold their food bags in store and collected seven cases of food from pasta to cheese whiz.  Many thanks to the wonderful staff who are so supportive of the Food Bank.
KUDOS for a job well done!


November 8 - The volunteers from Dutch Settlment Fire Dept. with Bernice showing the large collection of food donations from their food drive held on Nov. 8. 

The fire department volunteers  collected 3,101 pounds of food and approx. $200.  This was a very much appreciated collection of food; thanks for all your hard work and support!


November 8 - Fall Women's Small Business Expo at the Enfield Legion on Saturday, November 8th.  Admission will be free with a donation to the food bank. To book your table or get more details, call Janelle Gehue, Arbonne Independent Consultant & District Manager - (902) 223-8094

November 13 - Raffle Ticket Sales - Shooters in Enfield

November 15 - 10:00 - 4:00 - Raffle Ticket Sales at Elmsdale Sobeys

November 23 - 1:00 - 4:00pm - The Hair Company in the Elmsdale Shopping center will be offering Morrocan Oil Treatments at their Pre Christmas Event.  ALL PROCEEDS to CSAT. Make an appointment by calling 902-883-1334.


November 29 - Exit Realty annual food drive starts at 10am.  Covers Enfield, Elmsdale and Lantz.  If you will not be home you can still leave a bag outside your door and it will be picked up!  For more info call Louise at 902-488-3937.

November 29 - Holiday angels go on sale

November 29 - 10:00 - 4:00 - Raffle Ticket Sales at Guardian Drugs, Elmsdale Mall

November 29 - 9:00 - Angel Trees up if needed

November - (left) The Knights of Columbus donated 48 new winter coats for boys and girls in various sizes.  The coats will all have a new owner for Christmas. Shown on left is Dave Lewis, KOC, Bernice Donaldson (CSAT) and Jacques Proulx (KOC) holding a sampling of the coats.  Many thanks from the clients (children) of the CSAT!


December to January 6 - Zumba with Darin & Shelley - Enjoy a special 'Christmas Bundle' - purchase SIX of their classes (staring in January 2015) for just $20 along with a donation of a non-perishable food item to Caring & Sharing Angel Tree Food Bank. 

Classes are Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7:30 at Tot's Academy in Enfield - our Facebook page is Zumba with Darin & Shelley.

December - Chrissy Jardine Photography is offering 'Holiday Mini-Sessions' for a minimum donation of $20 this year (a 30 minute session with two digital images), all proceeds going to Caring & Sharing.  Create great family memories this Christmas!  Limited spots available so book today.

December 1 to 6 - Simply Shear Serenity - Retail Tax Free Shopping December 1 - December 6th Inclusive.  860 Highway 2, Elmsdale, - 883-2330

We are accepting Food Bank Donations (with your donation you can fill out a ballot for a chance to win a surprise!)

Dollar Deals, December specials, up to 40% OFF Hot Tools.  Gift cards are available in any denomination or for any service. Already in a Christmas Card...ready for giving.  For the month of December... Glowing Facial Treatment, Professional Make up application, Express Manicure

  • Book all 3 services for $75.00 + tax

  • Book any 2 services for $50.00 + tax

  • Book only 1 Service and pay regular price

December 4 & 5 - Annual food drive at Elmsdale Superstore by local EMTs.

December 5 & 7 - The Nutcracker by RSI Danceworks will be presented at Hants East Regional High school in Millford on Dec. 5 at 7 PM and Dec. 7 at 2 PM.  $1.00 from each ticket will be donated to Caring & Sharing.  Tickets available at RSI or Elmsdale Guardian Pharmacy , $12.00 students, $16 adults.

December 6 - 9:00 to 1:00 - Elmsdale Sobeys - 6th Annual 'Pajamarama - Local student Rebecca Feindel-Sherry again collected PJs (or cash) for needy families; donations will once more be going to C&S.  This year Rebecca (on the right) was joined by friend Jamie MacLeod who helped at Sobey's with the collection.

December 6 - 2:00 - Corridor Santa Parade food collection, #2 Highway, Elmsdale to Enfield; followed by food sorting at the Elmsdale Legion.




This is always the busiest time of the year for Caring and Sharing, along with all the independent groups

and companys running their own campaigns...

Over the Edge donated a flock of frozen turkeys to help make a lot of Christmas Dinners jollier.
Aviva Donnaldson of C&S helping Neil Atkinson unload whole carts full of turkeys. This good-sized poultry pile-up will ensure a lot of local families can enjoy a full traditional dinner on Christmas Day! Neil and C&S Co-ordinator Bernice Donaldson pause to pack up family presents also donated by Over the Edge.
Elmsdale Chiropractic

holds an annual toy collection for Caring & Sharing; this year's toy take filled a real car!

Left - Oldfield School's Drive collected colourful cartloads of donations.


Right - Elmsdale's Briarwood B&B second Christmas Open House resulted in an impressive collection.

Left - Mel Banks, a CSAT volunteer helps Reg Hurshman of Enfield Hardware draw the lucky name.

Right - The queen size quilt was won by Marjorie Matheson.  Congratulations Marjorie and thanks for your support!

The Quilt was generously donated by Suzanne at It's Sew Time and raised $1,544.00!

Corridor Santa Claus Parade 2014 - December 6
Collecting donations all along the way. Volunteers handling food bins at the Legion.
Sorting through the presents is a favourite task with everyone...
Kids Helping Other Kids this Kristmas...
A   big red hatchback full of donations from the children of St. Margaret's Church Sunday School. Here's one of Santa's Little Helpers sorting gift donations after the 2014 Santa Claus Parade.

December 7 - 2:30 to 3:30 East Hants Sportsplex -  East Hants Minor Hockey Female Atom team is going to have a “Fill the Rink” day, inviting all of the female players in the area to come to the rink, bring a noise maker and have some fun!  We are going to ask them to bring a non-perishable food item as well, and try and get some things for the Angel Tree Food Bank.  If this is initial attempt is a success, we will do it for the Novice and Peewee teams in January as well.  Come on out ladies and help us support the endeavors of Caring & Sharing Food Bank!

December 11 - Raffle Ticket Sales - Shooters in Enfield

December 11 & 12 - 5:00 - 9:00 - 2nd Annual Open House at Briarwood B&B in Elmsdale.  Tour this lovely country house all dressed up for the Holidays - admission is free but food & cash donations are gratefully accepted on behalf of Caring & Sharing.

December 13 - 9:00 - 5:00 - Raffle Ticket Sales, Enfield Home Hardware

December 13 - 5:00 - Raffle draw at Enfield Home Hardware

Ticket sales limited to just 600, price $5.00 each.

December 14 - Angel Trees down and gifts due back

December 14 - Elmsdale Community Food Drive - Lantz

December 15 - 20 - 'Food For Fines' - the Elmsdale Library is again doing Food for Fines; 1 food item is equal to $2.00 towards fines!  More info call Library at 902-883-9838

December 15 - Last day for the 'Mitten Tree' (November 10 to December 15) collection at the Outpatient Lab Area in the Matheson Centre.  These annual donations of knitted mittens, gloves, hats, scarves & socks will be distributed among four local groups including C&S Food Bank.

December 15 - Elmsdale Community Food Drive - Elmsdale

For further info contact John MacDonald at 902-483-7382.

December 16 - Gift topping


December 17 - Gift Wrapping


December 17 - Food Sorting


December 17 - evening Food Floor Plan Set up

Withrow's Farm Market Angel Tree

December 18 - 9:00 - Food delivery & set up

December 19 - 9:00 - 10:30 - Adopt a family drop off

December 19 - 11:00 - Adopt a family pick up

December 19 - 2:00 - gift pickup

December 20 - 9:00 - packing boxes

December 20 - 10:00 - 4:00 - Pick ups

December 20 - Holiday angels ends

Our Annual Christmas Box Packing at the Enfield Legion was the usual hustle and bustle but went smoothly thanks to all our regular volunteers, plus a few special guests...

C&S works hard to gather, sort and lay out the many items needed to feed people over the holidays, and is grateful to the Enfield Legion for all the space provided for this and other work sessions.


At right:  Andrew & Adam Raisbeck 'paid it forward' this year, renting a rink at EH Sportsplex to throw a skating party and hockey game for their friends and families.  Attendees were generous with donations of toys and food for Caring & Sharing...

MP Scott Brison and MLA Margaret Miller again joined the team to get the boxes ready. Margaret and Bernice Donaldson show off a resolution recognizing Bernice in the NS Legislature. Margaret and Scott pose with Bernice amidst the piles of food headed for local families.
East Hants Minor Hockey Midget AA on their fifth visit... Penguins huddle with coach to get their 'shopping orders'. Enfield Rugby Club also lent some muscle and energy this year.
Looks almost like a regular shopping trip, eh? Produce is always included with dry goods for balanced boxes. Volunteer assisting with donated PJ distribution.
Thanks again this year to the 1st Tri-county Brownie troupe and

to Maple Ridge Elementary School for their candy donations!




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